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 From your vehicle to your business, Carriers Direct can handle it all! No more calling different insurance companies, no more email spam and no more pushy sales people. Carriers Direct finds you the best policies at the best rates, with direct access to the industry's leading insurance carriers. We help you find the best company for you and your family's individual needs. Carriers Direct Insurance has wholesale priced policies in auto insurance, home & renter insurance, life insurance, commercial/business insurance, recreation vehicle insurance, and even your classic & vintage vehicles. If you're tired of rate increases from your current company with out any explanation, if you don't get the customer service you deserve, or just want to know if you're paying to much for insurance then maybe it's time to give us a call.


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Simple and easy. When was the last time you made money with a simple 15 min phone call? Get a fast quote today and switch to Carriers Direct! Any premium you haven't used with your current insurance company will be refunded back to you. Leave as much information as you are comfortable with, in order to speak to your local agent directly. 



I was shocked at the amount of money I saved by switching to Carriers Direct Insurance. Not only did I realize I was spending to much money with my old insurance company, but I was not getting the service I needed. I like that I can pick up my phone and speak to my personal agent when I need to.
— Jeff Lacuseare
I felt like my money was going to my last insurance company’s marketing budget and not the service I needed. I get the same coverage I had but at a price thats reasonable.
— Greg Kent
After my last ‘rate increase’ I was fed up and called Carries Direct. I ended up saving $300 a year. It was the easiest $300 I have ever made.
— Tani McCaslin
I was sick and tired of ‘rate increases’ that would randomly show up on my bill each month. I decided to ditch my single insurance carrier and switch to Carriers Direct. Not only did they find me a policy that charged what I was paying 2 years ago, but they also told me I could get a refund from my pervious insurance company for the premium I pre-paid for. Thank you Carriers Direct Insurance, I will never go back to a single carrier company again!
— Ian Smith


We understand that time is valuable to our clients, that's why Carriers Direct will find the perfect match for you and your family. We promise to save you time and money with our direct access to the best rates available to you. With our licensed and trained local agents, we promise to look out for you and your best interest.



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We are here to protect you and the things you care about most in life. Carriers Direct is based out of Portland Oregon.  Our agents live and work right here in the Pacific North West. We built this brand to give our local residents more than just one option when it comes to their insurance. We give you access to wholesale pricing with the industries leading insurance carriers.

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